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Use our platform to attract new customers, increase leads & quotes inquiries, expand audience outreach, generate business opportunities, and build trusted relationships with partners.
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Grow leads & quotes inquiries
by 20%

Increase leads & home improvement quotes inquiries by 15-25% by simply listing your profile on homez.design and using our home work-bidding platform.

Grow leads by 20%
Improve client communications by 25%

Improve client communications
by 25%

Improve dialog with your customers by listing on the homez.design. use our platform as a new and innovative way of developing and growing your business.

communications by 25%
Grow traffic & widen audience by 25%

Grow traffic & widen audience
by 25%

Achieve higher cross sales with Homez.Design unique functionality which merges the marketplace and the bidding platform into one integrated experience.

Grow traffic by 25%

Benefits & Features

Increase Home Quotes Inquiries

Increase home-related work queries by 15-25% with our innovative bidding platform where tradespeople can compete for customers openly and transparently utilizing the most precise search & match mechanism, exclusively provided by Homez.Design.

Highly Structured Approach

An organized and structured approach to searching home improvement ideas and necessary home trades includes ability to “bookmark” favorite content to one’s personal customer profile for future reference.

Quicker Making Decisions

Customers will make their decision 20-30% quicker with the help of well-structured, 3rd party verified detailed data encompassing your field of specialization, skills, experience, services offered, awards received, legal certificates & licenses held, overall performance metrics, reviews.

Leading Search Experience

Customers can find you 20-30% faster with the most precise, easy to use, industry leading, search and filter experience exclusively provided by Homez.Design. Add your listing to Homez.Design and generate more leads, quotes queries and deals than you have ever had before.

Efficiently Connecting with each other

The most efficient way of connecting tradespeople and suppliers and homeowners with each other. Send connect requests, notifications, emails, initiate real-time chats, create groups by topic, write posts and comments.

Powerful site Metrics

Powerful tools at your disposal to measure the value of your business and the quality of the content aided by client feedback, Homez.Design awards and shared platform site metrics providing useful counters including # views, # bookmarks, # likes, # follows, etc.

Higher Trust & Business Recognition

Enhance your business reputation, standing, recognition, trust and client loyalty with the highly qualified representation of your business on Homez.Design. Customers will trust your expertise more while it resides in our platform compared to your own standalone website where you can spend years building trades recognition.

Exclusive Singular Universal Platform


Increase traffic by 600% by switching to the most powerful domain name in its target niche. According to Google, people who searched “homeimprovementpages” produced 0.7 million returns versus a staggering 4.75 million for Homez.Design.

Not a Simple Directory Listing
est Increased traffic a further 20-25% by taking advantage of Homez.Design wider target audience outreach. Achieve higher cross sales with Homez.Design unique functionality which merges the marketplace and the bidding platform into one integrated experience.

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