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    About Our Company

    Building the best place to live in

About Company

We strongly apologize and highly value every single dollar you spend.

We are not like any funded by VC's and angels company which operates in the best interests of their investors, shareholders and last order to their customers. We are funded by you, our customers are our investors, so we solely serve only the best interests of our customers.

Doing high-tech business startup nowadays is similar to running marathon. We are operating every single day –6 days a week since we founded in 2013. Developing the research-intensive venture, we apply the similar tactics that we use ussually when I run or swim. We have strong passion for both science and innovations.

Who are our customers

We serve residential homeowners, skilled tradesman, home renovation contractors, interior designers, residential architects, landscaping and outdoor specialists, home art workers, and other home suppliers and trades. Mostly our targeted market audience is SMB’s.

Homez.Design benefits

More Productive Way by 11-33%
Improve Communications by 30%
More safe, transparent & open

About Team

the best team

We are the small highly productive team of few extraordinary people. Each of the team members fulfills multiple disciplines of expertise by handling strategy, business development, and operations at the same time

Denis K. is very strong in science, math and physic, chess, at the same time being good in both: swimming, long distance running and very well plays tennis. In 2007 Helen Clark, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand, awarded Denis K. for the most fast growing hi-tech software startup.

In past, between 2004-2013, Denis led successfully 3 international hi-tech ventures in online business.

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Denis K. CEO, Co-Founder
Denis K. CEO, Co-Founder

We are artists creating software. You can hardly call us software developers. I hope people will value our effort. Save your time and money by using our platform

Email: denis@homez.design Phone: +64212355050 facebook gplus linkedin
Homez Team Business Development Lead Image
Ilya Gurarie Business Development Lead
Ilya Gurarie Business Development Lead

Our exponential growth is a testament to people's desires to take ownership of fulfilling their personal home aspirations. We are empowering users whilst filling a gap in the market that customers have longed for.

Email: ilya.gurarie@homez.design facebook gplus linkedin
Homez Team Digital Media Marketer Image
Liliana K. Digital Media Marketer
Liliana K. Digital Media Marketer

I'm excited by my extensive experience exploring the homez-platform and discovering just how simple and fun it is. We want to explore. We’re curious people.

> Email: liliana.k@homez.design facebook gplus linkedin
EU Operations Manager Image
Sergey K. EU Operations Director
Sergey K. EU Operations Director

I'm enjoying to be part of this amazing venture with strong innovative culture. I believe in the opportunity to expand the business in growing EU & CIS area.

Email: sergey.k@homez.design facebook twitter gplus linkedin

What We Do

What is Homez.Design

Our product is the next-generation social-rich web-platform which serving people by connecting them with SMB’es. The Homez.Design is a global the internet based marketplace where people like homeowners can efficiently find, select and connect with necessary home skilled trades and other suppliers in order to fulfill their residential housing goals.

The Problem?

There are more than 2.5+ billion of residential house owners worldwide, 33+ millions of home skilled trades are worldwide and around 8 million home renovations projects happens annually in Australia.

It is hard to find, research, select and hire safely required home tradesman via standard channels like Yellow Pages, Google, Facebook, etc. with the best matching skills to your needs. People are unable to pay transparently and safely online for required services provided by home trades and suppliers.

The solution

The Homez team is working hard to influence the way people are finding, selecting and hiring home suppliers and home skilled trades such as interior designers, renovators, outdoor & landscapers, residential architects, and other home’s suppliers. Our top priority is providing home tradesman and suppliers freedom to operate commercially successful while having the same level of credibility and trustworthiness like large enterprises have.

Why Choose Us

We think that should be easier. So, what makes us different?

Being the evangelists in mind of the single page application’s rich and fluid user experience. We already achieved to become the world’s exclusively singular and full-responsive web platform which revolutionary simplify the learning path and dramatically reduce time to explore required content.

Additionally, we significantly improved mechanic behind navigating, searching and filtering once you are looking for needed content. All of this together, hugely improves time to research, analysis and making a decision.

We would like to improve the internet world and make it much easier, faster and more fun to use.

We are not an institutionally funded company like Houzz and others and we based in New Zealand, so we are not complementary sharing your data with any government CIA related agencies. We protect your data and very careful about your privacy and security. We do not give the data to any 3rd parties advertisers to use your data on their behalf.

We have strong positive feedback from our customers, the world’s tech expert from fortune-10, and venture capitalists over globe including Alex (who was Vice President of Oracle & Cisco) and Nicola Stojanovic-es.

Using our home design web-platform, anyone can:

Revolutionary Simplicity

Simplify the whole process of verifying, selecting, and hiring required home pros utilizing the most challenging technologies.

Rise Productivity by 11-33%

The innovative way of finding, selecting and researching needed ideas resulting in 11-33% Higher Productivity and Return on Investments (ROI).

Reduce Time & Costs By 10-25%

Save time, reduce overall expenses up to 10-25% on your next home interior design project by using our next generation web-platform.

Quicker Making Decisions By 40-75%

Quicker making decisions during your next home interior design project by using tailored to specific needs, the best in the class, the world’s fastest navigation, search and filter.

Build The Best Place To Live In

Create the best place to live in by using our the best in a breed researching & analyzing tools to find home interior design, renovation, decoration ideas, and tradespeople.

Higher Transparency, Openness & Trustworthiness

Choose more transparent & open, paperless & free of a lawyer, optionally tax-free (via cyber-crypto) while highly insured & trusted way to market.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become the world’s leading global online web-platform for homeowners in home interior, landscape & outdoor design, home improvement & renovation where people will come up with their final decision related to the residential house suppliers, and tradespeople.

We are trying hard to keep global leadership in innovations in our core areas by making the best possible software product for people.


Being great in long distance running, we apply anti-recession strategy to cut all not relevant costs; includes expensive offices, expensive loans, corporate cars, and not required equipment.

We trying to keep our business out of over venture capital. By applying a highly sustainable business model - we consider our customers as our major investors. Which allows us to spend your dollars directly into product R&D versus using client’s money to cover limitless interests of different angels and ventures investors.

We use extra tight budgeting discipline.

This why our service is much more affordable and reasonable. We can provide much more high quality and valuable service versus any of other competitors. We about 50x times more financially efficient compare to Houzz.