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the best team

We are the small highly productive team of few extraordinary people. Each of the team members fulfills multiple disciplines of expertise by handling strategy, business development, and operations at the same time.

the best team

Denis K. is current Co-Founder and CEO of Homez ltd. Before founding Homez Ltd. Mr., Denis had successfully led for about 14 years those innovative software start-ups: Zerosoft ltd., Jewelsof Hldngs, and Infovigour ltd. with international exposure landed in New Zealand and Australia funded by multi-national investors like Switzerland based globally operated by multi-billion business Phonak Holdings.

Denis K. is very strong in science, math and physic, chess, at the same time being good in both: swimming, long distance running and very well plays tennis.

In 2007 Helen Clark, who was Prime Minister of New Zealand, awarded Denis K. for the most fast growing hi-tech software startup.

Denis has worked in the ICT industry since 15 years of age starting as software developer leader at Artificial Intelligence University. Throughout the course of his 22-year career, he has built a strong global relationship network allowing our business to operate cross border in many countries including China, HK, US, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, CIS, and other EU countries.

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Denis K/ CEO, Co-Founder
Denis K. CEO, Co-Founder

We are artists creating software. You can hardly call us software developers. I hope people will value our effort. Save your time and money by using our platform

Email: denis@homez.design Phone: +64212355050 facebook gplus linkedin
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Ilya Gurarie Business Development Lead
Ilya Gurarie Business Development Lead

Our exponential growth is a testament to people's desires to take ownership of fulfilling their personal home aspirations. We are empowering users whilst filling a gap in the market that customers have longed for.

Email: ilya.gurarie@homez.design facebook gplus linkedin
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Liliana K Digital Media Marketer
Liliana K Digital Media Marketer

I'm excited by my extensive experience exploring the homez-platform and discovering just how simple and fun it is. We want to explore. We’re curious people.

> Email: liliana.k@homez.design facebook gplus linkedin
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Sergey K. EU Operations Director
Sergey K. EU Operations Director

I'm enjoying to be part of this amazing venture with strong innovative culture. I believe in the opportunity to expand the business in growing EU & CIS area.

Email: sergey.k@homez.design facebook twitter gplus linkedin